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Royal Dutch Gazelle employs around 350 employees at its factory in Dieren producing more than 275,000 bicycles a year. Gazelle is market leader in the Netherlands and also works hard at growing the organization outside the country. Ever since our company was incorporated in 1892 quality has always come first. You see, at Gazelle, we believe: the better your bike is, the more often you will cycle! Ever since 1892 we have been doing everything in our power to make the finest quality bikes that provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible. This is how Gazelle makes you enjoy your ride!
Accell Group is active worldwide in the bicycle market and the market for bicycle parts and accessories. The biggest Accell Group brands are Batavus, Sparta, Koga, Loekie, Ghost, Haibike, Winora, Raleigh, Diamondback, Lapierre,      Tunturi, Atala, Redline and XLC



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Barcelona is changing the mobility and transit paradigm towards more healthy, more sustainable and safer mobility. The city has an extensive transport network that guarantees mobility to everyone in an equal, efficient and safe way, and in which public transport, cycling and travelling on foot are the preferred means of transport and the most used by the over five million people who travel around the city each day.

The majority of journeys made within the city are of short or medium distance, very suited to be made on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. To get to work, run errands, buy groceries, go to the theatre or simply enjoy a stroll through the city streets: the best way to get around Barcelona is by walking, by bicycle or by public transport.

Barcelona is working to improve air quality and comfort for the public and is therefore committed to healthier mobility, by improving public space for more sustainable modes of transport, reducing the burden of private motorised vehicles, committing to more efficient means of public transport, and prioritising clean energies to fuel private vehicles.

The city’s mobility strategy follows what is set out in the Urban Mobility Plan for 2013-2018, with actions that seek to achieve a quality public space for all neighbourhoods, to encourage co-existence and cohesion, and to guarantee a healthy, safe environment for everyone.

STA (Society of Automotive Technicians) is a non-profit society that, since its foundation in 1947, works to promote the progress of the automobile and technological advances in the automotive industry

STA is a neutral meeting platform between technicians and automotive engineers, which encourages the exchange of experiences and opinions between people and companies. It helps its members to have all the necessary information to adapt to
the changes experienced by the automotive world, after years of experience in the organization of congresses, both nationally and internationally, conferences, training courses and professional technical conferences

STA is a founding member of the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Ingénieurs des Techniques de l'Automobile (FISITA), of which it is the only official representative in Spain, as well as the European Automotive Engineers Cooperation (EAEC)




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